Looking backward to the past decade, we walked out from a low starting point but survived through the hardship with one footprint in every one step. Anyone who has not experienced it personally can not understand how many joys and sorrows we have had and how many efforts and pains we have taken.

After all, we have survived all these. Through the applause from our clients and the diligence of our staff, we have survived till now. To summarize the past, different emotions come into my mind and have much to say. Here I would be very proud of saying, although we walked hardly, we are surefooted and we have no regret!

We are surefooted, for we always try out best to satisfy our clients’ requirements and grow from this.

We have no regret, for we have undertaken the biggest responsibilities and care for both our stockholders and employees.

Looking forward to the next decade, I have a deep feel of responsibility. However, faced by such a huge, difficult challenge, I have no right to say no; for our clients are eyeing on me, our employees are staring at me. Like a soldier in the opponent’s territory on the chessboard, I can not but strive forward and do my best to bring JARLLYTEC to a broader and more promising future.

"Create Opportunities for the People, Bring Benefits to the People" is the motto that I always keep in my mind. Operating an enterprise is not only responsibility and honor, but also a special kindness of the God. I will cherish this good luck, and I hope all colleagues will retain the zealousness in serving our clients and work hard with me to create the wonderful future of JARLLYTEC.