Quality Ideas

We always hold the following essential quality ideas:

1. Prevention is better than remedy
2. Do well the work at the first time
3. Prevent reoccurrence of mistake
4. Post-engineering is client
5. Everybody participates in quality control

The company devotes itself into continuous improvement to satisfy clients’ expectation. The departments and the unit in charge of quality assurance carry out total quality management (TQM), aiming to improve clients’ satisfaction with our products and meet the future market and environment challenges. The quality policy is always persisted in and emphasized by the management of the company.

Quality Policy
Prevention is better than correction. Do well the work at the first time.Hazardous substance is out of use
HR Development
We deeply know that “people” is the key for doing work well. Therefore, we not only hold internal quality training programs to transfer knowledge and experiences, but also frequently send personnel to attend external seminar or professional authentication programs to absorb new knowledge and improve the professional abilities.
Testing Equipment
To work out the quality in which the clients trust, not only the internal process design must conform to the spirit of continuous improvement of PDCA cycle, but also the quantitative testing and validation are required. Hence, the company spares no fund in investment of testing equipment, to accomplish our commitment to clients. The testing equipment we possess are listed below:


(Facility Name)


3D (CMM)

Automatic 2D (CMM)

2D (CMM)

Vertical Projector

Gloss Meter

Color Meter

Digital Protractor

Roughness Meter


Optical Microscope

Tool Microscope



Rockwell Hardness Tester (Electronic Type)




Open/Close Cycling Tester

Salt Spray Machine

Universal Materials Testing Machine

Environment Chamber



Quality Guidance for Partner
As a professional hinge designer and manufacturer, our company closely cooperates with our partners to acquire high quality and stably supplied hinge parts. Here the quality guidance for partners is an every important content. As regard to our quality guidance for partners, we have broken through the traditional auditing and scoring mode. For important strategic partners, we understand their production processes deeply, help them establish procedures for process control, provide suggestions for improvement, and closely communicate with them in the aspects such as testing devices, processing equipment, tools, measuring instruments, SOP and testing methods, to create win-win benefits.
International standard certification
In the era of severe competition and profit squeeze, our company not only works hard to improve operation performance, but also deeply realizes that as the citizens of the earth, we must burden the responsibility for environment protection and social responsibility. So we have passed the certification of relevant international standards to improve our management ability and perform the duty as citizens of the earth. We have got the accreditation of the ISO9001 quality management system, IS014001 environment management system, OHSAS18001 occupational safety and health management system, and IECQ QC080000 hazardous substance process management.
Environment, safety and health policy
Carbon reduction, Comprehensive waste reduction, hazard prevention, conformity to law,
and continuous improvement
Environmental Protective Products

Recently the consciousness of environmental protection has risen in most countries and stricter requirements on placed on environmental protection of products. Hence, our company also makes much effort in the improvement of product design, to meet the environmental protection directives such as RoHS, WEEE and HF, as well as clients’ requirement on environmental protection. We carry through the idea of green industry, supervise our partners to meet our environmental protection requirements, and require them to provide complete environmental protection certificates and RoHS test reports for the parts they supply.

The provisions on prohibition or restriction of hazardous substances in our company are as follows:

1. Prohibition: asbestos, mercury, chromium (VI), PBB, PBDE, PVC,beryllium oxide (BeO).
2. Restriction:
2.1 Heavy metal
A. Cadmium < 5 ppm
B. Lead
B1. General < 100ppm
B2. In plastic, rubber, coating or ink < 5 ppm
B3. In steel < 3,500 ppm
B4. In aluminum alloy < 4,000 ppm
B5. In copper alloy<40,000 ppm
C. Total content of lead, cadmium, mercury and chromium (VI) in packaging material < 100 ppm

2.2. Halogen-free requirements for non-metal and non-ceramic materials
A. Chlorine < 900 ppm
B. Bromine < 900 ppm
C. Total of chlorine and bromine < 1,500 ppm

2.3. Perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS)
A. Materials < 1,000 ppm
B. Textiles, Coated materials < 1μg/㎡